Deron Dixon Designs

Justified-   1ft x 2ft       -Sold

Fallen-   3ft    -Sold

Dichotomy-  1ft      -Sold

Risen-    3ft    -Sold

Molten-   1ft       -Sold

Manual Lamp- Sold

Custom Gas Pump Sconces-  2ft    -Sold

Worn-   1ft       -Sold

Manual Lamps-  Sold

Nova- Custom Orb Chandelier-   4ft dia.      -Sold

Convention-    2ft      -Sold

Link-   2ft x 1ft

Coerce-  1ft     -Sold

Featuring industrial art from authentic parts.

A line has been drawn; in the sand, on the page, and so on. An arc has been curved so completely to create a circle.  A circle to a sphere and so forth...